Un Intermezzo

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ScoreExchange.com staccato lines of separation. a duet sung in broken tongues. your long dried reed. my unstrung instrument. un intermezzo played out of time.. movements plucked via pizzicato, staves comprised of crooked lines. my solo voice an intoned requiem. your obbligato nocturne, sublime.. pages torn from il libretto.…

Renewing Passion

a new day dawning winter’s heartaches left behind yearning for ardor § This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word heartache. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place. My other blog, ThusNSuch -Eugenia Featured image – lovethispic.com

BrewNSpew Café February 11/2019

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Word/expression of the week – off-kilter – (adjective and adverb) – not in perfect balance, not in the usual, expected, or correct condition or state. Unconventional or eccentric. Synonyms – bizarre, cranky, crazy, curious, funny, kinky, outlandish, quaint, screwy, wacky, weird. Do you ever feel that life is off-kilter?…

Hope ☔️ [flash 165]

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Hope had planned for today so carefully, yet everything felt off-kilter. First, the rain had required that she hire a ride to the station, placing a dent in her meager stash of funds. But she couldn’t arrive at her new employer’s house looking like a wet puppy. Second, as…