Callie’s Special Day

Take a look at Callie’s gifts she received from Ellen at! Callie and her humans (that’s me and my hubby) donated to, Lagniappe, a cat in need. The details are explained below.

“And before I go, I want to remind you all about Lagniappe,  my friend at Whiskeratti has now adopted her despite her age and many health problems. She has a gofund for her care and has already used half of the money for her care. If anyone donates $20, I will send you a catnip mat and some crocheted toys. Just let me know in the comments if you do. Sorry I can only afford US postage.   And prayers are always good too.  To read more about her, click here” – Ellen at

We receive emails from the USPS with scans and routing numbers of what we can expect in our mail. Our notification arrived, Sept. 13 indicating Callie’s gift was in a postal locker. We checked our regular PO box for the key to the postal locker, however, there was no key!

I contacted the USPS and was informed on Sept. 15th they would get back to me in 1-3 business days. So today, and no word from the USPS, I told myself to wait one more day before I report the package missing. We live in a gated apartment complex with an Amazon hub and P.O. boxes on our premises so it’s unlikely packages are stolen.

Ta-da! Callie’s package was delivered to our Amazon hub locker this afternoon. So, a sigh of relief from us and a high five from Callie.

Thank you so much, Ellen, from Callie and family.




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