free verse

A bcc to myself

Was that really me, my crumbling thoughts, intoxicated cynical assertions? Pockets of stillness no longer harbor a pregnant pause instead bestirs the potential of emptiness. Once free-flowing bonds now chaotic with undulating patterns. I suddenly feel my past a lost… Read More ›


Empty headed, I am nobody. Empty handed, I have no friends. Is it common sense to assume all of us have a lessor amount of friends than our friends do, or is it a contradiction? Best ask the nobodies before… Read More ›

Literary Options

our words one can compress but our focus as wordsmiths is to let creativity take charge each and every conversation becomes a writer’s permit to master their authorship choreographed words bestir and challenge mind-numbing beware of what you share pursuits… Read More ›

Dwelling of Affection

this home its bones honed over time with warmth in each niche and corner filled with affectionate recollections in each step taken whether trod or in thought a haven over our head or sentiments of security in our psyches a… Read More ›

Fragmented Soul

splintered dreams images faded and torn with emotions worsening with time Greatness questioned as original intent swathed by gossipy stares create feelings of dismay Enter doubts of one’s self-esteem causing victim like symptoms with no foreseeable end to this long and… Read More ›

I can only imagine

my mask and my veil never meeting in person mirror on the wall unwanted selfies blaming destiny for flaws mirror recalls all empty walk and talk non-existent face to face mirror draws a blank reflect to reflect not knowing what… Read More ›


Me, myself, and I numbs while seeking myself what I am is not what I think I am time drifts while sensing myself what I am is not what you think I am Questions arise as to why my existence… Read More ›