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Worm Moon

radiant moments of brightness spiritful renewal an early bird’s delight supersized untouchable Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge #129 (3/7/20): Super (Worm) Moon #haiku #senryu #haibun #tanka #haiga #renga As it’s the last Full Moon before the first Equinox, the Worm Moon has acquired other names, such as the Crow and Lenten Moon. It’s yet another sign…


haze heavy and dank let there be storms thunder and lightening assaulting the air frightened to death the writing on the wall V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #86: cliché Your Daily Word Prompt – #Haze – #YDWordPrompt March 3, 2020 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- March 3, 2020 – “Let there be storms” -Eugi featured image – lovethispic.com


full of grandiose ideas nature gifts us music in spring everyone says I love you Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Everyone Says I Love You Your Daily Word Prompt – Grandiose – January 25, 2020 A special shout out to Colleen’s – Wordcraft – Prose and Poetry – for sharing the Gogyoka in English poetry form -Eugenia featured…