12 Bloggerz – May 2021 hosted by A Guy Called Bloke

12 Bloggerz is a once a month question feature where l will …. ask you questions … 12 of them! - Rory @ A Guy Called Bloke When was the last time you were totally lost?[Be this physically, mentally, emotionally or so on, interpretation is yours] Many years ago, I used to have anxiety attacks. … Continue reading 12 Bloggerz – May 2021 hosted by A Guy Called Bloke


Good afternoon mom! I'm so glad you dropped by for coffee, and I am brewing a fresh pot of your favorite just for you. Hmm, there's nothing better than the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, don't you agree? It’s a lovely afternoon with crisp breezes and scents of fall in the air. So perfect for … Continue reading Remember

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Anonymous A Toast to St. Patrick Saint Patrick, the holy and tutelar man; His beard down his bosom like Aaron's run. Some from Scotland, some from Wales, will declare that's from where he came, But I care not, now he's risen to fame. The pride of the world and his enemies scorning, I will drink … Continue reading Happy St. Patrick’s Day