Ode to a dad

he was the man, my dad, he showed me the way taught me what to say filled me with hope oh, those slippery slopes together, we laughed, we cried had nothing to hide took life in our stride my mentor,… Read More ›

Ode to a writer

a writer’s purpose give thought to the now and then written by the pen a touch of imagination a bit of inspiration a tad of ideation a spot of time to spend a message to send  a chance to pretend… Read More ›

Let it be known

life’s bits and pieces a show and tell for the unsuspecting even a rose has thorns What do you see # 29 – 11 May 2020 VJ’s Weekly Challenge #95: bits and pieces Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge– Even a rose has thorns… Read More ›

One more bow, please

the final curtain call, outlasting the fickleness of fame footprints of success remain rumors spread quickly Reena’s Exploration Challenge #133 -Eugenia featured image – Unsplash

Jokers are wild

gambled my wild card an attempt to disconcert my fellow selfies V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #94: wild card Your Daily Word Prompt – #Disconcert – #YDWordPrompt April 29, 2020 -Eugenia Image by Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay


enough gloom and doom had a hunch you would be here surprised, a moot point it’s such a pity you can’t see the forest for the trees What do you see # 27 – 27 April 2020 Your Daily Word Prompt… Read More ›