Reena’s Exploration Challenge

Stale air

his master’s servant life as a shape-shift junkie day in and day out wishes lackluster morphing into his own fate the joker is wild Reena’s Exploration Challenge #142 The genie is not getting back in the bottle Yes, the line above… Read More ›

Soul Search

selfless unleashing embrace new calming within peaceful days purposed Reena’s Exploration Challenge #141 WRITING PROMPT #141 – FREE FLOW -Eugenia image credit – lovethispic.con

Shut up!

power lacks reason those responsible puzzled some thoughts best unsaid Reena’s Exploration Challenge #139 Quarantined Thoughts is the theme. It is not necessary that the words are used in the piece. Your interpretation or reflection on the words is enough. Your… Read More ›

Staged plays

dramas disturb life farewell roles with mixed reviews echoes of missed cues Reena’s Exploration Challenge #138 featured image – Pexels