Moving on

lies spread across land illusions of grandeur lost as societal woes transform aimless thoughts into phobia mania shrinks scheme to right the wrongs of the pretenders healing the world from within Fae Corps PAD Challenge #19 Reena’s Exploration Challenge #162 Word of the Day Challenge -Eugenia image source -

There’s light in the darkness

searching for answers how to afford life's juggle darkness creeps near light flickers onward have faith in oneself Reena’s Exploration Challenge #161 I invite you to meditate on light this week, and share your take on the subject. PAD Challenge #11 2020 has been a tough year for most people. Write a poem about your year. … Continue reading There’s light in the darkness

Cause and effect

time stole yesteryear the truth in absentia promiseland hoaxes Reena’s Exploration Challenge #160 You go down in a lift that doesn’t stop for hours. When it finally opens, what do you see? Your Daily Word Prompt - Promise - November 5, 2020 -Eugenia image source - Pexels

Stale air

his master's servant life as a shape-shift junkie day in and day out wishes lackluster morphing into his own fate the joker is wild Reena’s Exploration Challenge #142 The genie is not getting back in the bottle Yes, the line above is your theme or prompt for the week. Twist it any way, try to push … Continue reading Stale air