Spillwords – A Season of Smiles

signals from springtimebirds and bees blossoms and thingsa season to swoon fragrant scents carefreetrees bathe in the warming sunfields sway side to side Spooky Festivities Abandonment A Christmas Tree Wish Diversion -Eugenia

Spillwords – Diversion

moon tides ebb and flow nature’s drama redefines asking for balance I am pleased my poem, Diversion, was published on Spillwords, May 27, 2020. Previous Spillwords poems – Spooky Festivities Abandonment A Christmas Tree Wish A Season of Smiles -Eugenia

Spillwords – Spooky Festivities

Oh, the wind how it wailsa lonely dog howlsthrough the nightcompeting with sulkingloons as they cry outguttural and eerie sounds.The quiet lake under the guiseof serenity now a hauntingblackhole covered in mist.Spooky shadowy figures,not friendly folk, shroudedin icy white convene… Read More ›