Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge

Fathom the thought

let there be storms to cleanse not destroy life’s journey winsome legacies erasing evil encores welcome harmony and invite respect to lead not dictate everybody wants to rule the world people live upset (New!) Wednesday’s Level UP Challenge, 3/4/20 and… Read More ›


haze heavy and dank let there be storms thunder and lightening assaulting the air frightened to death the writing on the wall V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #86: cliché Your Daily Word Prompt – #Haze – #YDWordPrompt March 3, 2020 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge-… Read More ›


my praise was fake news I never want that again mission accomplished Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, 25, 2020 – phrase: “I never want that again” V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #85: mission Your Daily Word Prompt – #Praise – #YDWordPrompt February 25, 2020 -Eugi… Read More ›


the red gift box alluring it’s contents velvety smooth and decadent. but her love for chocolates the crux of her addiction. her unforgettable forgotten he shredded her dreams in dignified air of victory V.J.’s Challenge #83: Product placement Tuesday Writing Prompt… Read More ›

Fair-weather friends

a shiver went down my spine. My regulars, they chose to postulate from me special attention. Sodden characters, I need to know only once. Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- Shiver – January 28, 2020 V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #81: regulars Your Daily Word Prompt… Read More ›

Predictions nixed

Twenty-four/seven of fire and ice makes for sobering climatic shifts. As day turns to night there comes the golden hour revealing nature’s habits. Drama intertwined with accuracy births magical moments. What do you see # 13- January 20th, 2020 Tuesday Writing… Read More ›

Nature Goddess

leaving earth’s drama nature breathes life through my veins decipher my life I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #45 Your Daily Word Prompt – Decipher – December 3, 2019 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: leaving – Tuesday, December 3, 2019 -Eugenia featured image –… Read More ›

Respectfully yours

Thanksgiving, a ceremony of staunch family tradition but once a year. Seems a shoulder pad attitude apes a song of the dying. Let’s shed some moonlight on lost moderation. Feast on kindness, caring and so it goes VJ’S WEEKLY CHALLENGE… Read More ›