VJs Weekly Challenge


moon tides ebb and flow dreamy thoughts yawn in my mind my pace heeds caution VJ’s Weekly Challenge #102: Pace Your Daily Word Prompt – Caution – June 30, 2020 -Eugenia image credits – Pexels

Broken silence

the air itself paused sounds of sirens menacing stories told nervous VJ’s Weekly Challenge #100: Pause Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, June 16, 2020 -Eugenia featured image – Pexels

Let it be known

life’s bits and pieces a show and tell for the unsuspecting even a rose has thorns What do you see # 29 – 11 May 2020 VJ’s Weekly Challenge #95: bits and pieces Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge– Even a rose has thorns… Read More ›

Jokers are wild

gambled my wild card an attempt to disconcert my fellow selfies V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #94: wild card Your Daily Word Prompt – #Disconcert – #YDWordPrompt April 29, 2020 -Eugenia Image by Bernd Hildebrandt from Pixabay

Golden hours

put troubles behind applaud the challenge a new voyage awaits over the horizon V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #92: behind Your Daily Word Prompt – #Challenge – #YDWordPrompt April 14, 2020 -Eugenia featured image – Pexels

The long way home

blue birds in song, their laughter transported to the colors of my mind lest our thoughts hued in darkness spring migration takes us home What do you see # 24. 6 April 2020 V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #91: transported Frank Tassone’s #Haikai Challenge… Read More ›