BrewNSpew Cafe

Hi there and welcome to the BrewNSpew Café! You’ll find the café a great place to meet for coffee and useful and useless blather. Have a seat, enjoy the coffee and pardon our dust. We’re in the process of making a few alterations. Tuesday Chatter Café has changed its name to BrewNSpew Café. BrewNSpew Café…

Just a Number-Maybe Not

Forty, the product of four and ten Let’s ponder where we’re going and where we’ve been Forty, the product of fifty minus ten  Memories of again and again or of every now and then Forty, it follows thirty-nine hmm, once upon a time 40, the age for celebration or uninvited depression 40, appears to have…

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #Week 40

Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
Welcome to Week 40! Certain numbers arouse curiosity. I have always wondered about the special significance of the number 40, across different cultures and geographies. Why 40 days of mourning in Islam? Why 40 days of fasting and prayer in Lent? Why 40 winks of sleep? Why 40 minutes of…


  desires surrendered blanketing the sky starry moments dear browsing hopes silenced no more  wishes shared fondly § This week’s event is to write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less using the word browsing. Held weekly at Patricia’s Place. Please stop in at the Go Dog Go Cafe where there is a remarkable cluster of talented writers. I’m…

Stonewood for Sale

Originally posted on Poesy plus Polemics:
Stonewood – Our New Hampshire Home ? Dear family, friends and followers, After thirteen idyllic years of retirement here in rural New Hampshire, my wife and I have now put our beloved Stonewood up for sale. Regrettably, our declining health makes it necessary to seek a more viable living…


Originally posted on Reena Saxena:
verbosity is not about details or pedantics it conceals ignorance, deep unrest with cheer uncalled for bonhomie ? I avert glances of consternation with a valiant effort and blabber on. A soulmate voices concern What’s troubling you? and I break into tears ? Tuesday Chatter Weekly


Originally posted on Patricia's Place:
This cat makes me think of someone I knew. Even in middle age his interests and actions were like a teenager. I think he was afraid of growing old. He didn’t know growing up doesn’t mean becoming like an old codger. I guess he thought to be an adult meant boredom…

Tuesday Chatter Weekly

  Come in and welcome to the Tuesday Chatter Café! You’ll find the café a great place for coffee and useful and useless blather. Best beware, what happens here doesn’t stay here. Word of the week–verbosity-noun-the quality of using more words than needed; wordiness synonyms-prolixity, redundancy, turgidity “When a writer tries to explain too much,…

The Myths of Girlhood

Originally posted on Brave & Reckless:
we were spoiled for reality by milk chocolate-coated fairy tales force fed us as girls made to swallow not spit myths about beauty love sex taught that only pretty, pretty princesses would be awoken by true love’s first kiss impossible standards of beauty femininity made for bitter cherry centers…

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