Tag: creative poetry

Ripple effect

the sky is falling one cloud at a time people live frightened quivered breath concealed step by step collapse challenges in-between the past and today V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #88: Domino Effect -Eugenia featured image – Pexels

Noise vs. noise

sounds of a firing cannon BOOM! negative noise breeds evil isolation awakens silence let renewal seduce us into roaring laughter Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126 Your Daily Word Prompt – #Cannon – #YDWordPrompt March 12, 2020 -Eugi featured image – Pexels

Morning Song

a cache of morning dew the silence in my heart leaves home once more my song sung my way V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #87: morning Your Daily Word Prompt – #Cache – #YDWordPrompt March 10, 2020 Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge – the silence in my heart – March 10, 2020 Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Song – March 9, 2020…