creative poetry


triumph changes nearby bygone makes way for now answers purpose questions reasons brewing success #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 210 #SYNONYMSONLY words – past and present using Badger’s Hexastich form a poem in 6 lines. syllabic, 2-4-6-6-4-2. unrhymed, optional rising and… Read More ›

It’s Christmas

noel beyond joyful sleigh bells jingle jangle snow flakes fluttering to and fro Christmas Colleen’s #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 208, #THEMEPROMPT Word of the Day Challenge – Bells -Eugenia image source – Pexels/lovethispic collage

Loves me, loves me not

“My heart was split, and a flower appeared” – Solomon my broken heart cries within silent regrets undoing time our past in a dream sublime. Forget-Me-Nots in my tonic and gin its magical elixir clings to my lips. embraced emotions… Read More ›

And the beat goes on

once upon a time leaving on a jet plane rocking on the railroad driving in the fast lane walking on the wild side we are family everybody get up and sing ch-ch-changes those were the days my friend we thought… Read More ›