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full of grandiose ideas nature gifts us music in spring everyone says I love you Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: Everyone Says I Love You Your Daily Word Prompt – Grandiose – January 25, 2020 A special shout out to Colleen’s – Wordcraft – Prose and Poetry – for sharing the Gogyoka in English poetry form my other…


naive thoughts judgmental a leading precipitant to self-pity touchy feelings temperamental evoking a cry out in pain a quivering soul in purple rain Reena’s Exploration Challenge #119 Imagine two sides/perspectives/characters/mind-sets with the following names: Thinking Brain Feeling Brain Write about how these two interact, clash, complement or supplement each other. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #119 Friday, 5 lines…

Living in the moment

I’ve yet to conflate me, myself and I search engines eager to find the real me roll the social dice and a star is born Reena’s Exploration Challenge #117 Your Daily Word Prompt – Conflate – January 9, 2020 Christine’s Daily Writing Prompt: A Star Is Born my other blog, PoetryPalette -Eugenia featured image – lovethispic.com