Creative Writing

A blendship

piercing words colder than ice they make one quiver. with each passing day, obstinate bullies unwilling to bestow kindness. their spill of ugly words in print their insipid garble of murky drama. like a beacon from a lighthouse beamed to… Read More ›

Moving on

lies spread across land illusions of grandeur lost as societal woes transform aimless thoughts into phobia mania shrinks scheme to right the wrongs of the pretenders healing the world from within Fae Corps PAD Challenge #19 Reena’s Exploration Challenge #162 Word… Read More ›

On a clear night

divulge the reasons omens scattered all about daunting nervousness count myself lucky whispers flee from falling stars nightmares self-contained Word of the Day Challenge – Count Your Daily Word Prompt – Divulge – November 7, 2020 -Eugenia image source –… Read More ›

Cause and effect

time stole yesteryear the truth in absentia promiseland hoaxes Reena’s Exploration Challenge #160 You go down in a lift that doesn’t stop for hours. When it finally opens, what do you see? Your Daily Word Prompt – Promise – November 5,… Read More ›