free verse

Mind Heist

I’ve always been right so much so that even I, a carrier of ignorance, was misguided by those that think they are right. all is not well, folks all is not right I propose we agree to disagree Reena’s Exploration… Read More ›


seems, once upon a lifestyle betraying motions became ludicrous noise. seems, once upon a lifetime, we learned to endure last moments among lost hope. seems, once in a lifetime we could imagine reasons of today. Reena’s Exploration Challenge #130 Your Daily… Read More ›

Noise vs. noise

sounds of a firing cannon BOOM! negative noise breeds evil isolation awakens silence let renewal seduce us into roaring laughter Reena’s Exploration Challenge #126 Your Daily Word Prompt – #Cannon – #YDWordPrompt March 12, 2020 -Eugi featured image – Pexels

A fly in the ointment

once upon a time a mere decade ago eye to eye, face to face the kitchen table a gathering place back to our roots life à la carte simpler times memories of yonder no selfies no bot chats! no artificial… Read More ›

Fair-weather friends

a shiver went down my spine. My regulars, they chose to postulate from me special attention. Sodden characters, I need to know only once. Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- Shiver – January 28, 2020 V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #81: regulars Your Daily Word Prompt… Read More ›

Predictions nixed

Twenty-four/seven of fire and ice makes for sobering climatic shifts. As day turns to night there comes the golden hour revealing nature’s habits. Drama intertwined with accuracy births magical moments. What do you see # 13- January 20th, 2020 Tuesday Writing… Read More ›

Thinking out loud

to extol the unexpected beckons conscious emotion, reaching out, sharing of comfort and joy to others. as time drifts on, caring numbs for those needing a helping hand. life doesn’t parallel the magical ride on The Polar Express. there’s no… Read More ›